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A symbolic wedding “stands out from the crowd” with its very unique characteristic: as it’s not bound by civil or legal limitations, there are no standard vows and you can personalize it as much as you like. The ceremonies Say-Yes currently propose to personalize your symbolic wedding are:

  • UNITY CANDLES: originating in the US, in this ceremony candles bear perfect testimony to the couple’s union: touching and meaningful, it will be the crowning glory to your day.
  • UNPLUGGED WEDDING: without electronic instruments, so that your guests can concentrate completely during the most solemn moments.
  • RING WARMING: the wedding rings are the symbol of lifelong commitment. This ceremony allows your relatives and guests to give their personal blessing before the rings are exchanged.
  • UNITY SAND CEREMONY: it originated on the breath-taking Pacific islands. The sand ceremony is mystic, romantic and timeless. Beaurocratic procedures Should you wish to legalize your union, we can take care of the paperwork needed to also include the civil wedding ceremony.